Migrate Data from one SAN LUN to another Non-Disruptively

The process of Data Migration has typically been time-consuming and disruptive to business operations. Now with RELDATA’s non-disruptive block-level migration solution this painstaking process is simple. RELDATA ‘s block level migration solution includes RELDATA 9240 Unified Storage Gateway and data migration software that assists system administrators with the migration of data from one SAN physical LUN to another through the 9240 Gateway. The block data can also be moved between virtual volumes that are managed by the 9240 Gateway or within the 9240 Storage System.

Benefits of a RELDATA Block Data Migration

  1. No application impact after initial reconfiguration
  2. Transparent and efficient data movement with progress monitoring
  3. No additional fees per TB or number of LUNs migrated
  4. Low overhead of less than 20% compared to native LUN speeds
  5. Centralized GUI management and Resource monitoring

Click Here to download a PDF sheet on Block Data Migration.

During a non-disruptive block-level migration, the LUN being migrated is available to the application after only a quick reconfiguration, and the data migration occurs in the background. The RELDATA 9240 Gateway has full support for non-disruptive migration of FC SAN LUNs to both IP SAN and FC SAN via 4GB FC, with the host accessing migration LUN on a separate 2GB dual port FC link.

Once the LUNs are placed on the virtual volumes created by the RELDATA 9240 Gateway, they are no longer tied to a specific hardware storage device or array. They can be migrated to any downstream storage system (RAID array, JBOD, SAN LUN, IP SAN LUN, etc.) that is connected to the 9240 Gateway without any disruption to the service provided to the users. Additionally, the virtual volumes can be mirrored or replicated.